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The listing on will be free of charge during the whole advertising period. Commissions will arise neither. For offering you this free service we just need links from your homepage to us. This is for our own promotion and for a better list position in search engines like Google. You too will profit by this, in fact the better search engine positions we reach the more you will succeed. After placing your links you can list up to 5 holiday rentals free of charge. The registration of a holiday rental will take you only about 10 minutes.
Your advantages:
- you can reach a worldwide audience
- you can enter up to 5 pictures for showing your property to customers
- situation map of your property
- online access to your advertisement (by your access codes you can change or update your advertisement by yourself at any time)
- availability calendar with exact days indication
- access statistic
- inquiry and booking form for customers
- inquiry forwarding by e-mail
Step 1 - registration
Before listing your holiday rental(s), you must enter your own registration. Your data won't be transmitted to third-parties of course.
If you are already registred, you can log in into the customer section by clicking at "Login" in menu and place the advertisement(s) of your holiday rental(s).
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